Entry criteria

Groups (or musicians) whose at least one member is a citizen of Hungary or is studying/has studied music in the country are eligible to enter.

Ages: 18-35

Contestants can perform individually or as a duo, trio, quartet, quintet. Accompanists for solists are provided by request.


Musical criteria

  • 3 compositions in the jazz genre or any other fusion of it, written by the group or a member
  • Entries’ length: min. 4 minutes, max. 8 minutes
  • Reorchestrations are also accepted and judged as original compositions.
  • Finalists are expected to perform their compositions live in front of the jury.
  • Besides the 3 compositions, contestants have to be able to play a 60-minutes-long concert (non-original songs can be performed as maximum 1/3 of the set).
  • Videos of contestants are an advantage, but not required.


Entries are expected to be uploaded to the REGISTRATION PAGE as professionally written musical scores (e.g. Latin Real Book, Combo scores) along with their recordings and the registration form.

15th October 2018, midnight

5000 HUF / contestant (group or solo artist)